My martial arts adventure started from the age of 7 when I asked my parents if I could start Karate. This little adventure learning Kyokushinkai Karate lasted until age 24-25 during which time I was taught by some UK greats namely Sensei’s Brian Dowler, Bernard Creton, Albert Burton, Steve Arneil, Sid and James Lockless, and the inimitable Frank Perry Shihan.

My life soon changed after that and I cast myself into the martial art wilderness. Soon the martial art itch returned and it needed scratching but this time with a different focus. Aikido had always interested me since the emergence of a certain Steven Seagal so I made it my mission to find out more.

Thankfully a dojo was not too far away and I have been hooked ever since. That was over 9 years ago and my wife has become the proverbial Aikido widow.

I am so very grateful to have met Piers Cooke Sensei (7th Dan), who started practicing Ki Aikido under Sensei Ken Williams in 1982, and has led me down this wonderful path.

I have since had the privilege of also becoming a student of Philip Smith Shihan and with his help and guidance I strive to better my understanding and practice of Aikido.