The Aikido Rules That Will Help Improve Your Skills

Likewise all forms of martial arts, aikido has its own rules. Aikido is one of the several martial arts that come from Japan, so expect to find a large palette of rules and rituals to observe when it comes to this martial art.

Quick Overview On Basic Aikido Rules

In fact, the Japanese culture is strongly structured all around rules, consider also that the Japanese society is made of many complex rules and mandatory. For western people, many of such rules may appear weird or just nonsense, because of cultural background. So, here is a list of most important rules to know for aikido players. Learning the basic rules will certainly help you master this martial art and boost your skills.

  • Avoid smoking, food and above all chewing gums. Aikido trainers are particularly severe about this point
  • Avoid to drink water during the exercises and training, because drinking water can reduce yoru physical endurance
  • Dress appropriately
  • Prepare yourself to the training: find your mental focus and mind balance. Consider that you will take no less than 10 to 15 minutes for this
  • Learn the aikido techniques under a teacher’s instructions
  • If you are late for training, you won’t be allowed to take part to the training unless your sensei gives you the permission to join the lesson
  • Leave your personal feelings and rivalry outside: don’t use aikido to take a personal revenge on someone else

Honesty Is Essential

Above all, don’t forget the most important virtue of a good aikido player: honesty.

Honesty can’t be replaced by any other skill, it’s just a matter of attitude and of loyalty towards the game, the sensei and the other people. Honesty is also a necessary virtue when it comes to any other type of game, sport or competition.

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