Oriental Culture Expanding Overseas: Beyond Martial Arts

Today we have several ways to enjoy cultural differences and to learn more from foreign people. In most western Countries it’s, actually, not so rare to see Chinese shops, French restaurants and Indi groceries all along the same road. It’s clearly the most evident sign of a growing tendency towards globalization.

In particular, the sports industry is also taking large benefits from this type of globalization in culture. The diffusion of martial arts and other oriental sports or disciplines is a typical sign of this contemporary trend.

Overview On Most Known Martial Arts

If martial arts are knowing such a large and positive growth it’s surely because there are important benefits for practicing this type of physical exercises or sports.

First off, we should understand that there are many types of martial arts:

  • Karate (from Japan)judo match
  • Judo (from Japan)
  • Kenjutsu (from Japan)
  • Bojutsu (from Japan)
  • Kyudo (from Japan)
  • Taekkyeon (from Korea)
  • Taekwondo (from Korea)
  • Kung Fu (from China)
  • Baji quan (from China)
  • Longxing quan (from China)Longxing quan training
  • Nan quan (from China)
  • Taiji quan (from China)
  • Krabikrabong (from Thailand)
  • Muay boran (from Thailand)
  • Silat Pattani (from Thailand)

Benefits Of Practicing Martial Arts

Among the most important benefits for practicing one or even more than one martial art, we can find a big improvement in one’s skills of mental focus, ability to react in a timely and precise way to the opposite player’s movement, prediction skill, memory and visual skill improvement.

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