Martial Art Fighting: A Good Alternative To Violent Fighting

When the Japanese sensei  Morihei Ueshida (1883 – 1969) created Aikido in the late 1920s, he didn’t possibly imagine that his martial art would reach such a great success in the time. Actually, Mr. Morihei was a martial art teacher with a large background in most popular martial arts of his time, such as Daitoryu aikijujustu and Tenjin shinyoryu.

What Is Aikido?Aikido match

When he decided to give birth to a new martial art, he first thought to make a sort of synthesis between his knowledge of martial arts and his personal philosophy of life and existence. As you may imagine, Aikido is not an aggressive fighting discipline; on the contrary, it’s a peaceful art which is based on the idea of reconciliation. The word “Aikido” is made of three characters meaning “meeting” (Ai), “spirit” (ki) and “way” (doo). So, as a general meaning, Aikido is meant to be the “way of spirit that meet each other”.

The entire philosophy of Aikido is based on the idea that it’s possible to react harmlessly to even an aggressive attack, by redirect the attack itself. So, both the Aikido fighter and the one who attacks are unharmed.

Today Aikido is becoming more and more popular thanks to international schools and academies that aim to diffuse this martial art. The most interesting aspect is that Aikido teaches students self-defense movements that turn out to be absolutely helpful in several situations.

The UFC In The Sports World

Although most martial arts are intended for self-defense purposes and, anyway not for offensive goals, the UFC administrators decided to include them  into the number of fighting disciplines. The UFC, short form for Unlimited Fighting Championship, is the most popular tournament of fighting and martial arts. The UFC promotes and includes most important championships in the world for several martial arts, including Aikido, since over 10 years. The goal of UFC is to replace boxing championships with martial art disciplines, in order to promote the idea of peace, reconciliation and non-violence.

Information On MMA Matches

Currently, you can access a variety of fighting disciplines in the UFC program, including MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting divided on the base of weight:

  • Fly weight (57 Kg)
  • Weight above the cock (61 Kg)
  • Featherweight (66 Kg)
  • Light weight (70 Kg)
  • Weight mid-average (77 Kg)
  • Average weight (84 Kg)
  • Heavy weight(120 Kg)
  • Above 120 Kg

MMA matches are in three rounds, each lasting only 5 minutes plus a minute of rest. Each match is regulated by three referees; the winner gets 10 points, while the loser gets 9 or less, according to the referees’ opinions. In MMA matches the referees assign points, beyond regulating the game.

Consider also that the game can end in different ways, for example, due to knockout. Other reasons to end the match are injury, inequality, decision to surrender by one of the athletes.

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