How Aikido Can Help You Boost Your Personal Safety

Personal safety and self-defense have become important topics of discussion and real matters of concern for a lot of people during recent years. Given the increasing number of threats we seem to be subjected to periodically, we have started to feel less safe and at ease inside our homes, while commuting to and from work using subways and buses, or driving our cars to work every day. Our jobs or schools are not doing a better job at making us feel any safer either. A simple glance at the news on shooting incidents, burglaries, and crimes in schools, universities, and at home/at the workplace during recent years will show you that without too much of a hassle.

Thus, the need for children, teenagers, women, and pretty much everyone else who feels the need to learn how to defend themselves to take action. Personal safety self-defense programs exist in order to teach interested people how to be more aware of their environment, how to be more aware of their own behavior in public, set boundaries and the list goes on. Aikido is also an essential part of the training. Want to learn more about the topic? Grab your favorite mug of coffee or tea and enjoy the rest of your reading.

Self-Defense For Children And TeensHome safety and security for your children

  • Primary-aged school children should be initiated in the art of self-defense with the help of proper training. They need to begin by learning that self-defense is a much complex term than simply having to deal with potentially violent attacks. Kids need to be taught how to identify early warning signs and immediately walk away. This is the most powerful piece of advice they should master by the end of any good self-defense program.

  • Children need to be able to boost their self-confidence and learn what do to when they are verbally assaulted at school or in the community. With the help of interactive talks, children should learn the definition of inappropriate behavior, setting personal boundaries, the use of striking pads, voice, and eye contact, and the list goes on. They should also be taught how to get away from a situation where they are physically grabbed and held.

  • They should also be taught how to stay safe inside their homes by doing full lockdowns of all doors and windows. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring all locks and alarm systems are working fine all the times. For this, they should hire professional home locksmiths who can rapidly assess all types of malfunction and immediately issue prompt responses.

  • Teenagers also need to be taught about the perimeters of safe and acceptable behavior, draw invisible lines in order to stay safe physically and emotionally, and recognize potentially dangerous situations before they escalate.

Self-Defense For Women

Women, along with children and teens can join Aikido classes and learn how to physically protect themselves or learn combat techniques that will allow them to better cope with work, community, or home assaults and forms of abuse. Women need to be taught how to trust their instinct and be confident enough to act on it.

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