Aikido training is based primarily on two partners practicing pre-arranged forms (kata) rather than freestyle practice.
Students are graded on a regular basis according to their individual progress. There are 6 kyu grades before the dan grades. Promotion above 3rd dan is by recommendation.

Aikido and Ki Grading Syllabus

This document is intended to offer guidance to competent and responsible individuals. If you have any concerns about any aspect of our club or our classes please feel free to contact Daniel at:

Rusper Aikido Club Safety Policy

The name of the association will be the Aikido for Daily Life (referred to hereafter as ADL). The prime objective of ADL is to be an "umberella" organisation for a group of independent aikido clubs, no matter what style, that share the same core values. ADL operates in a true democratic manner in which all clubs and subsequently members of ADL have equal rights of voting. Click the link below to read more about ADL Constitution.

ADL Constitution