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Martial Art Fighting: A Good Alternative To Violent Fighting

When the Japanese sensei  Morihei Ueshida (1883 – 1969) created Aikido in the late 1920s, he didn’t possibly imagine that his martial art would reach such a great success in the time. Actually, Mr. Morihei was a martial art teacher with a large background in most popular martial arts of his time, such as Daitoryu…
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What Are The Most Expensive Costs For A Martial Art School?

For many people opening a martial art school is a lifelong dream, especially for those who bring an extensive knowledge in martial arts and are dedicated martial artists. Without a doubt, having your own martial art school has its pros: You don’t have to obey to anyone’s orders You can express your own feeling and…
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How Aikido Can Help You Boost Your Personal Safety

Personal safety and self-defense have become important topics of discussion and real matters of concern for a lot of people during recent years. Given the increasing number of threats we seem to be subjected to periodically, we have started to feel less safe and at ease inside our homes, while commuting to and from work…
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The Aikido Rules That Will Help Improve Your Skills

Likewise all forms of martial arts, aikido has its own rules. Aikido is one of the several martial arts that come from Japan, so expect to find a large palette of rules and rituals to observe when it comes to this martial art. Quick Overview On Basic Aikido Rules In fact, the Japanese culture is…
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