Competition in Aikido


There are no competitions in Aikido at least not in the conventional sense. Similarly Aikido is not a sport.

Competition creates the dynamic of a win or lose scenario which is in direct contrast to O Sensei’s vision which allows for a win/win scenario to any conflict thus providing an outcome that is mutually beneficial to all and promotes peace.

Masakatsu Agatsu

Masakatsu Agatsu translates as “True Victory; victory over oneself” and was a principal used by O Sensei to emphasise that Aikido is not a competitive martial art like Judo, Taekwondo or Karate.

It is commonly interpreted as being in control of oneself. It is said that one must have control over oneself before one can control others. We engage in training in order to become enlightened to this “secret” of Aikido.