Yearly Archives: 2020

Do you know the way?

Social media is a powerful beast and in modern society it plays an important part in shaping people’s views. So it’s disappointing when a significant part of what comes under the banner of the aikido community doesn’t seem to have an understanding that aikido is a ‘do’ and not a ‘jutsu’. Focusing just on the…
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Who do You Want to Be?

When I ask this question, I don’t mean for you to say something like Brad Pitt or Nelson Mandela, I mean what does the best version of you look like? In other words, when you take an honest look at yourself, (and I think that it is healthy do this on a not infrequent basis),…
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Honesty in Aikido

Honesty may not be the first word you think of in connection with aikido, but on reflection you may come to realise that in fact it is a central pillar. There are many reasons to train, but for me, the most important reason is to develop myself. I see aikido as a tool to help…
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